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Aero4gen 424-1     Wind Generator 24V

Aero4gen 424-1 Wind Generator 24V.


Ideal on a 10M boat to provides power for engine and domestic batteries, as well as static and mobile caravans. Robust and maintenance free. Starts charging 0.25A at 8 Knots, Maximum windspeed of 60 knots gives 10A.

Price: £0.00

Aero4gen 424-1.5       Wind Generator 24V

Aero4gen 424-1.5 Wind Generator 24V.


As above but with Mounting for 38mm (1.5") Pole.

Price: £0.00

Aero4gen-424F        Wind Generator 24V Furling

Aero4gen-424F Wind Generator 24V Furling.


Designed for unattended applications. Typically used for street lighting, remote telemetry and data loggers. Robust and maintenance free. Automatically furled at 40 Knots to protect generator. Starts charging 0.25A at 8 Knots, Tail furls at 40 knots and gives 5A.

Price: £225.00

Single Battery Regulator for Aero4gen 24V

Single Battery Regulator for Aero4gen 24V.


A single battery regulator 10Amp which will regulate the terminal voltage of one battery or battery bank.Not TWC Adverc compatible. Use a Twin battery regulator.

Price: £5.00

Twin Battery Regulator for Aero4gen 24V

Twin Battery Regulator for Aero4gen 24V.


A twin battery regulator 10Amp which will limit the output of the wind charger and prevent overcharging of two batteries or battery banks. Compatible with TWC Adverc. Can be used to charge three batteries in conjuction with 4DU diode unit.

Price: £2.00

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