Ultracell are a world leader specialising in Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries.

 Established in 1999 and located within Liverpool, UK.

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UL Series: General AGM batteries

The UL series are the general purpose AGM batteries.

Maintenance free.

Used for: All purposes. UPS systems. Emergency Lighting. Backup power supply. Security systems.

Acid Batteries


2 Volt AGM cells from 4 Ah to 3000 Ah per battery.      Click this link.
4 Volt AGM cells from 0.4 Ah to 20 Ah per battery.       Click this link.
6 Volt AGM cells from 1.3 Ah to 232 Ah per battery.     Click this link
8 Volt AGM cells 68 Ah and 134 Ah per battery.             Click this link.

12 Volt AGM cells from 0.8 Ah to 250 Ah per battery.   Click this link 


UC Series: AGM Deep Cycle batteries

The UC AGM deep cycle batteries series uses a special paste formula for longer cycle life.  Optional features include: a thermal management system and a special anti-vibration design.

Maintenance free.

Used for: Electric tools. Mobility devices.

Acid Batteries


2 Volt  AGM cells at 620 Ah and 810 Ah per battery.         Deep cycle.

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6 Volt AGM cells from 5 Ah to 225 Ah per battery.             Deep cycle.   

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12 Volt AGM cells from 5 Ah to 260 Ah per battery.            Deep cycle

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Supply of 50KWp of PV trackers to project in the East Midlands.

Supply of PV trackers to projects in The West Midlands & Kent.

Supply of complete off grid solar system to Univ. of West of Scotland.        

Supply of 20KW of solar PV to single project in Sudan.

Supply of complete 2KW wind turbine system + 5000W inverter  in Kent

Supply & installation of complete off-grid 2KW wind turbine + diesel genset and batteries near Doncaster.

Supply & installation of PV system for battery charging in Manchester.