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Mastervolt supply a broad range of solar inverters as a vital part of solar power systems, equally at home or for autonomous applications.



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Soladin 600

(160-700 Wp - for use in the UK)

The Soladin 600 models are world's smallest mini string inverters and are usable for every type of solar panel. Contact Mastervolt for use in other than mentioned countries.

                         Soladin 600 has G83 (UK certification) 

The Soladin 600 is compact and well-equipped with 230V and DC connections and designed for mounting inside homes. The solar inverter is fitted with two MultiContact DC terminals for easy plug&play installation. All Soladin’s are fitted with a communication port for remote monitoring and an advanced yield indicator at the front. The wide input range makes them a flexible system solution.

The point at which solar panels deliver maximum energy is called the maximum power point (MPP). The Soladin 600 contains a dynamic MPP tracker making it possible to achieve extremely high MPP efficiency almost anytime. A total of 700 Wp can be connected, for example five solar panels of 140 Wp(*). Install yourself and save on your electricity bill!

(*) The orientation and location of the PV system influences the maximum amount of connectable modules.

  • World's smallest mini string inverter

  • Excellent price/performance ratio

  • Exclusive lightguide power indicator

  • Intended for use in the United Kingdom

  • Contact Mastervolt for international use

  • Usable for every type of solar panel

  • 2-year warranty from date of commission

  • Wide input range makes a flexible system solution

  • Quick and easy install with mounting bracket (included)

  • The Soladin has been specially designed for indoor use. Installation is easy and the user can monitor the operation of the inverter. Apart from these advantages the indoor concept allows efficient aircooling of the inverter. Under these mild ambient conditions the life time is expected to increase drastically. Efficient cooling has another important benefit: it has allowed Mastervolt engineers to use SMD components in the inverter design. This has resulted into an excellent price/ performance ratio for the Soladin.


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    SOLADIN 600




    Datasheet for "Soladin 600" solar inverter this link.


    Fast and effective PV system design, can be run locally on any PC with Microsoft Excel installed, No internet connection needed, Clear graphical overview of module voltage / current and temperature.

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  • Soladin Accessories

    Improve the performance of your Soladin inverter.


    Mastervolt “PC-Link for Soladin 600”


    Product code: 130391030

    Datasheet for "Soladin 600" PC Link .. click here

    The Mastervolt “PC-Link Soladin” is an interface that is used to convert the signals from the connected Soladin 600 to logic levels compatible for your PC

    PRICE :   £  47.00 inc VAT

    Shipping extra at cost.


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