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The Mastervolt Sunmaster inverter is the dynamic heart of any grid connected PV system, taking care of an accurate power conversion from PV array to local grid. This conversion process takes place with minimal power loss and maximum reliability.


Sunmaster ES series

SunMaster ES3.6TL

ES 3.6TL, ES 4.6TL and ES 5.0TL


SunMaster ES has various exclusive features:

By starting up at optimal voltage, the SunMaster ES extends the solar day, while its low no-load consumption helps convert solar power down to the last ray of sun.

The SunMaster ES is immune to minor electricity failures and only goes offline when absolutely necessary.

The MPP tracker tracks the light conditions quickly and carefully to achieve a considerably higher annual yield. Tests – in realistic conditions – show that 99.8% of the available PV power is converted!

The inverter can track the optimal operating point, even in shaded conditions.

Cable losses reduced by up to 75% compared to conventional inverters

The non-isolated SunMaster ES achieves a stable and high conversion efficiency, even in changing weather conditions.

The SunMaster ES stays cool, even in warm outside temperatures, maximising efficiency and lifespan.

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   SUNMASTER ES 3.6TL (Product code 131503600)

Recommended PV power range: 3000 - 4700 Wp

Operating voltage : 200V-855V DC

   SUNMASTER ES 4.6TL (Product code 131504600)

Recommended PV power range: 3900 - 6000 Wp

Operating voltage : 250V-950V DC

   SUNMASTER ES 5.0TL (Product code 131505000)

Recommended PV power range: 4300 - 6500 Wp

Operating voltage : 250V-855V DC

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Sunmaster XS series

Mastervolt has four models - XS2000, XS3200, XS4300 and the XS6500. These products can be integrated into any grid connected solar system ranging from 1300 to 7000 Wp.

Country settings are programmed via an integrated and user-friendly LCD

  Sunmaster XS2000

Sunmaster XS2000

   Recommended PV power range: 1300 - 2000 Wp

   Maximum input voltage : 450V DC

   Maximum input power: 1670 W DC

   Operating voltage range: 100 - 450 V DC




   Sunmaster XS3200

Sunmaster XS2000


  Recommended PV power range: 2200 - 3200 Wp

   Maximum input voltage : 600V DC

   Maximum input power: 2780 W DC

   Operating voltage range: 100 - 600 V DC



  Sunmaster XS4300

Sunmaster XS2000


  Recommended PV power range: 2900 - 4350 Wp

   Maximum input voltage : 550V DC

   Maximum input power: 3660 W DC

   Operating voltage range: 100 - 550 V DC



  Sunmaster XS6500


    Recommended PV power range: 4000 - 7000 Wp

   Maximum input voltage : 600V DC

   Maximum input power: 5625 W DC

   Operating voltage range: 100 - 600 V DC



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Monitoring for SUNMASTER solar inverters

Monitoring: An investment that pays for itself

A PV system is a major investment, but one that will eventually pay for itself. People who only rely on the ‘on’ light, the inverter and the bills from the energy company do not see the full picture. Extra monitoring has added value, ensuring that you are getting the most out of your system. Fast identification of problems or breakdowns can prevent a loss of output, while the various read out possibilities provide an optimal insight into your system. Mastervolt has the perfect monitoring solution for every PV system.

Custom monitoring solutions

Mastervolt’s monitoring solutions offer you a flexible, reliable and userfriendly way to monitor your grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system, even at a distance. This ensures you a constant overview of how much solar energy is generated plus all other vital system data. Should the performance of the PV system fail to meet your expectations, you can respond quickly and prevent the loss of both energy and money.



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