Fully G83/G59 compliant for UK installations.

Stackable to allow grid connection of wind turbines up to 50Kw on 3-phase.

A 10KW single-phase grid tie wind turbine inverter is now available.



• Integrated active rectifier

• “Plug & Play” design for simplified installation

• Suitable for horizontal & vertical axis turbines

• Maximum Power Point Tracking

• Low speed energy capture

• Connect multiple units for higher powers

• High quality sine wave output

• User programmable operation

• Compact wall mounted design

• Grid connected operation with anti-islanding protection

• 5 year warranty



AUTOStart Technology for turbine starting

• Simple plant integration with isolated I/O

• Wireless health monitoring

• Data logging and acquisition

• Extended warranty

• Multiple communication protocols

The Gendrive inverter is an AC : AC converter – thus avoiding the need for an additional rectifier.

Simply connect the three phases of the generator to the input and the three phases of the grid connection to the output via manual isolation switches. The rectifier in unit is not passive but acts to boost the generator voltage to achieve low cut in voltage. It can also can adjust the phase angle of the generator to increase/decrease terminal voltage. Both the input and output have disconnection switches and protection. The unit has communications to transmit operating data and for monitoring. Control I/O peripherals are also available to measure sensors and/or control external switches etc


This is nominally rated at 10kW due to consideration of voltage range, ie 380-415V and G83 current limit. However, on UK mains voltage the inverter can produce 12kW continuous output providing generator speed and hence volts are available.

Input protection

There are switches on both turbine input and grid output. This eliminates the need for any additional automatic switch gear, instead just manual isolators are required as per safety and grid code requirements. In the event of a loss of mains condition, turbine speed will ramp without load and will disconnect from the output of the generator to prevent failure through over voltage. Whilst loaded, the active rectifier can control the generator voltage in such a way so as to prevent over voltage. The degree of protection offered by this feature is dependent on the generator parameters, particularly inductance and emf. In extreme cases an external resistor may be required if either 1) speed needs to be constrained in the event of loss of mains or 2) the inverter is required to stay on line but has insufficient generator impedance or excessive emf to weaken the terminal volts.

Voltage ranges

The inverter has to lock onto the input voltage, so whilst the minimum input voltage is about 50 Vac line to line, this does depend on generator pole number and hence frequency.

To generate the full 10kW output, a minimum generator emf of approximately 340 Vac line to line is required

An input contactor will open to prevent damage to the inverter at approximately 500 Vac line to line

Higher powers

Today we need to use an isolation transformer to connect multiple units in parallel to achieve higher powers. However, a revised version of the product is due in Q1 of 2011 which eliminates the need for this.

Data logging and communication

As explained we write all data to internal SD card and then email the user summary data for a set period. This is done through wireless comms. There will soon be an option for wired connection for areas with poor network coverage.

Control platform

For advanced users, there is an integrated control I/O setup with analogue, digital and relay contact I/O. There is also a CAN link through which communication to an external controller can be carried out.



= £ 5400.00 inc VAT.

This includes shipping to a UK address.

Please bear in mind that no additional controllers or transformers are required.



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