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Mastervolt Batteries

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AGM series 12V Semi-Traction. 55Ah - 270Ah

AGM Slimline series @ 115Ah, 150Ah, 185Ah

AGM 6V series Semi-Traction. 260Ah, 340Ah, 400Ah

MVG (Gel) 12V  Semi-Traction. 12Ah - 200Ah

MVSV 2 Volt (Gel)  from 280Ah to 2700Ah

Lithium Ion batteries 12/2500, 12/5000 and 24/5000


Trojan Batteries


Renewable Energy, Marine and Industrial Applications

Premium & Signature Line Flooded Lead Acid

Deep Cycle AGM

Deep Cycle GEL

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Rolls Batteries

Rolls Series 4000 Flooded Lead Acid. Heavy Duty Deep Cycle,7 Year Warranty. 2 Volt, 6Volt and 12Volt options.

Rolls Series 5000 Flooded Lead Acid. Premium Deep Cycle - 3300+ cycles. 10 Year Warranty,15 Year Average Life Expectancy. 2 Volt, 4 volt, 6Volt and 12Volt options.

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  Rolls AGM Deep cycle  2v, 6v and 12v options.

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  Rolls FS Series AGM Deep cycle.

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Exide Sonnenschein Batteries

  For renewable energy systems

  Absolyte GP and GX. Lead acid to 6000Ah.

  Classic OPzs Solar. 2v to 4600Ah; 6v & 12v to max 417Ah

  Classic Enersol. 376Ah to 1282Ah

  Sonnenschein Solar (Gel) 12V to 230Ah

  Sonnenschein Solar Block (Gel)  6V and 12V

  Sonnenschein A600 Dryfit Solar (Gel)  2V to 3919Ah

  For Telecomms and UPS systems

  Absolyte GP and GX. Lead acid to 6000Ah

Marathon M , FT and L/XL series

Sonnenschein A400, A500, A600 and A700

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Victron Batteries

12V 7Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

AGM batteries 12V  and  GEL batteries 12V         More Information

OPzS Solar :  tubular plate 2Volt batteries. Filled or dry charged.  

 OPzV GEL : tubular plate 2Volt GEL batteries.  More information.

Ultracell Batteries

Acid Batteries     Acid Batteries


UL Series: general AGM batteries

UC Series: deep cycle AGM batteries

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UCG Series: deep cycle GEL batteries

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Super B Lithium deep cycle batteries

Super B Lithium Ion 12V50E

  Starter battery range (with Orange top)

  Traction battery range (with Green top)

Replacement for standard 12V traction / deep cycle batteries.

As a guide; a 50Ah lithium battery will replace a 100Ah traditional lead acid battery.


Recharges faster. Longer service life. Smaller size and less weight. Low self discharge. High temp start.

Applications:  Aviation, Traction, Automotive, Industrial, Renewable Energy, Marine.

    For starter batteries: click here

    For traction batteries: click here

Challenger batteries


Best value AGM & GEL batteries.

Challenger A12 and A12 FT (front access) are AGM general purpose batteries with 10 years + design life.

Click here for link to AGM A12 and A12 FT batteries.

Challenger G12 series are VRLA batteries with GEL technology. Front terminal also available. For solar PV, wind, marine, mobility and deep discharge UPS applications.

Click here for link to G12 GEL batteries.

Challenger OPzV series (2volt cells) VRLA GEL batteries for high reliability and performance. 20 yr design life. Suitable for use under extreme operating conditions.

 Click here for link to OPzV 2volt GEL batteries



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Supply of 50KWp of PV trackers to project in the East Midlands.

Supply of PV trackers to projects in The West Midlands & Kent.

Supply of complete off grid solar system to Univ. of West of Scotland.        

Supply of 20KW of solar PV to single project in Sudan.

Supply of complete 2KW wind turbine system + 5000W inverter  in Kent

Supply & installation of complete off-grid 2KW wind turbine + diesel genset and batteries near Doncaster.

Supply & installation of PV system for battery charging in Manchester.